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Rhode Island personal injury attorney Michael P. Marinelli represents clients to ensure they are fully compensated for their injuries. An individual can sustain injuries in many ways, but some of the most common claims in this area of law include: car accidents, slip and fall accidents, pedestrian injuries, and premises liability. Mr. Marinelli represents clients who have sustained injuries in various types of accidents. If you have been injured, it is imperative to hire an attorney who is a skilled negotiator with courtroom experience. Although most personal injury cases settle outside of the courtroom, there is always the possibility that a case could proceed to trial if the insurance company is unwilling to pay. Attorney Marinelli has extensive trial experience in the courtroom as a former Attorney General and as a private attorney. If you are not offered the money you deserve, attorney Marinelli is always prepared to litigate the case to ensure that you are fully compensated. If you are injured in an accident, call me immediately and I will fight to get you the money that you deserve.

Personal Injury Frequent Questions ...

How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

In Rhode Island, a person can file a lawsuit up to three years after the date the injury occurred. The three-year period is called the “statute of limitations.” If an injured person fails to file a lawsuit within the required time, he or she loses the right to file a lawsuit. Although an injured person has three years to file, it is not prudent to wait. As soon as you are injured, it is imperative that you call The Law Office of Michael P. Marinelli to represent you.


What does the progression of a personal injury lawsuit look like?

When you are injured, the first step is to immediately gather evidence that can be used to substantiate your injury claim. That could mean taking pictures at the scene of the accident, seeking medical attention, and sorting through medical bills. After you hire me, I will go through the evidence with you and make further suggestions regarding additional evidence that should be gathered. Next, a demand for a settlement is filed and the insurance company will either accept, reject, or make a counteroffer. It is common for an insurance company to make a counteroffer which leads to negotiation between the parties. At the negotiation stage, I use all the gathered evidence to negotiate a settlement that will fully compensate you for your injuries. If a settlement cannot be reached, an injury lawsuit is filed and the court process begins. If the case reaches the courtroom, the “discovery” process initiates and the parties will exchange evidence that can potentially be used at trial. After the discovery process is completed, the parties will attempt to mediate the matter as a final attempt to settle. If no settlement can be reached, the case proceeds to trial.


What are some types of damages that I can recover in a personal injury lawsuit?


Medical Expenses

The injured party is owed the full amount of any medical treatment costs incurred. These expenses include any initial emergency room expenses as well as expenses incurred in the future because of your injury.


Lost income

If your injury kept you out of work, you may be able to recover your normal wages that you were unable to earn due to the accident. Additionally, you may be able to recover future income that you will lose because of your injury.


Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are damages above economic damages awarded by the court. Essentially, pain and suffering damages are compensation for the toll that the accident or injury has on you. Rhode Island does not place a cap on these damages, so it is crucial to hire a persuasive litigator to advocate on your behalf to receive maximum compensation.


Property Damage

Compensation for any property that was damaged or destroyed because of the accident.


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